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Air-Duct Cleaning

Our new system is a high powered truck mounted vacuuming system combined with a turbine cleaning head.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

  • Healthier Homes
  • Increased Heating Efficiency
  • Increased Cooling Efficiency
  • Reduced Fire Hazard
  • Reduces Allergies
  • A Cleaner Home

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Clean Air Facts

  • Air duct systems can be contaminated with large deposits of dust, mold, insects, rodents, pet dander and pollen leading to clogged ductwork and causing poor ventilation of the heating and cooling system.
  • The average adult inhales 2 tablespoons of dust daily.
  • 1 in 6 people suffer from allergies due to contaminations in the air duct system.
  • Air Duct systems should be cleaned every 5 to 7 years.
  • Helps family members in your home who suffer from breathing problems or allergies.
  • Clogged air duct systems can cause supply duct lines to become clogged causing uneven heating and cooling throughout the home.
  • Neglected air duct systems will cause more service calls for worn out parts that have to work much harder to heat and cool your home.
  • Contaminant removal with rotary brush or air whip.
  • Allergy Relief.

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