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We use an impressive Prochem Everest 64 HP Kubota Truckmount steam cleaner. Our equipment surpasses most all truck-mounted steam cleaners on the market. The vacuum system has enough vacuum to dry out your carpet in hours instead of days. Our cleaning crew has several years of hands on training and IICRC certifications. Our truck-mounts have the capacity to heat the cleaning water to 240 degrees plus, easily removing locked in soils and stains. For heavily soiled carpets we use enzyme pre sprays which easily breakdown grease, pet hair oil, stains, dirt and grime. We also are one of the few companies in the area that use the rotary steam method. Instead of cleaning with the traditional carpet cleaning wand we use a rotary steam tool which does 920 steam cleaning passes per minute in a circular motion and cleaning the fibers from every direction. We

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recommend scotchgaurd after cleaning to protect from permanent stains and resoiling. Drying of the carpet generally takes 4-8 hours. Commercial cleaning is based on a square foot charge. Residential cleaning is based on a room charge up to set square footage.




#1 Pre-Vaccuum Carpets

#2 Soil Preconditioning

#3 Stain Pre-Treatment

#4 Hot Steam Neutral Rinse

#5 Dupont Teflon Advanced Treatment (Additional Fee)

#6 Carpet Grooming

When cleaning upholstery, we use a gentle neutral cleaner along with our state of the art truck-mounted steam cleaner. Upholstery is cleaned with a specially designed cleaning tool to clean all sides and angles. For heavily soiled upholstery we use enzyme pre sprays to emulsify the locked in soils. After cleaning the upholstery we recommend Scotchguard for stain resistance and soil resistance. Scotchguard on upholstery generally will last 3-5 years, although carpet mills do recommend re applying protector after each cleaning. Drying time for upholstery generally takes 2-4 hours. Upholstery cleaning is based on the piece to be cleaned.

  • IICRC Certified Firm
  • Prochem Everest 64 HP Kubota Truckmount steam cleaner
  • Experienced Cleaning Crew
  • Can heat the water temperature to 240 degrees.
  • Prevacuum your capets before cleaning
  • Fast Drying Time(4-8 hours)

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