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Strip and Wax Tile (High Speed Buff)

Strip, Wax and Hard Surface Floors

This process includes the removal of old wax finish, thoroughly rinse floor, 2 sealer coats and 4 coats of wax finish. The wax that we apply to the floor has a percentage of solids in it. The higher the percentage solids the harder the finish will be. If you buff your floors regularly we will apply a softer finish (less solids) and if you don't buff at all wi will apply a harder finish (more solids). The price of floor stripping is based on the square foot price.

.Before and After

Deep Scrub and Rewax

Process includes deep cleaning of old wax finish, thoroughly rinsing floor and applying 3-4 coats of wax finish. This process can be used when the wax that is already on the floor is scuffed up and is showing signs of wear. A floor can be scrubbed and rewaxed between floor stripping. The advantage to a scrub and wax is that its about 1/3 less cost and still has excellent results.



Dry Propane buffing is the only process that we offer. This process is highly effective and inexpensive. Buffing is a short term form of maintenance and has to be done on a regular basis. The buffing process heats up the floor finish and resurfaces the top layer of wax. This process is used mainly in super markets and large stores.

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